100,1000,150000+ User Live

  1. Customizable with your brand
  2. Users subscription management
  3. Detailed users access log
  4. Create groups of users
  5. Create Live streaming with Message Box
  6. Video on demand management


Celinel is a Customizable and Easy-to-Use Web Platform, that allows you, to make available Live and VOD Content, only to Registered and Authorized Users

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You can upload your videos, or create live channels, which will only be viewed, by authorized user


Use your logo, title, insert title and the base color. Simply and fast. Automatically the platform will adapt to your brand.

Group users

Create group, class, level or section and authorize specific users for each group

Video on Demand

Upload your video, create video section and assign to specific User Group

Users management

Manage your users, add new, authorize or suspend access: you can download the list of all users, or massively load many users, with a CSV file.


Create one or more pages for live streaming. Assign them to a specific group of users. You can use any encoding software (OBS, Vmix, Wirecast, Xsplit or others)

Users Log

The platform allows you to verify access for each individual user (login and logout). The user can also check his connections to the platform.

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Celinel Private Streaming

15 Days Free Trial - Fully functional

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    Admin Dashboard

    The administrator dashboard allows you to view and manage Users, create or edit groups, create and view both live and vod streams

    Users Management

    Manage users: You can enroll new users, authorize subscriptions, temporarily deactivate or delete users. You can also view an access log for each user. The color indicates the group to which it belongs.

    LIVE and VOD

    You can broadcast live, and even upload video files, and make them available in video on demand mode. You can create video sections and combine them with specific groups.

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    15 Days Free Trial - Fully functional

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